What do the Walkerville Brews actually Taste Like?

What do the different  Walkerville Brews actually taste like?

Well to be fair they actually are great tasting beers and they really haven’t had the dues paid to this them.

My fav has to be the IPA. This indian pale ale from this Canadian brewery has a strong but familiar taste to it. Not only is this brew bursting with different flavours but it really takes your tastes buds on a roller coaster rides

From the sharp hint taste of grapefruit to the sweet taste of orange peel and the piney aromas that dazzle your smell senses this is a IPA that needs to be enjoyed.

But if your not as lucky as me to travel to Canada to taste this beer, what would be a great substitute? Well there are many different types of IPA’s on the market and it really comes down to personal choice.

You can always visit your local pub and try out the many other greats beers. One place i visit in is the Green in London. This little corner bar / pub is a great after work place and has some great IPA’s to enjoy. My fav time is defiantly in the summer, meeting close friends, enjoying the sunshine, funny jokes and great times.

One time i was there we met up Saturday afternoon and started the drinking mid day and basked in the glorious sunshine that is very rare in the UK. Once the sun went down and night was in full swing the crowd i was with mentioned doing something crazy.

That crazy act was to hire a limo. Why not? When your in a good mood, with close friends and want to continue the night as it should why spoil it by getting a cab? We actually partied the night away with like rock stars in a limo. Drinking great IPA beer in the back of a limo is a surreal experience but one that everyone should do.


So what you waiting for? Get a IPA and a limo!.. :)

Is Walker Ville Brew The Best Beer For Your Limo Ride?

Right its a boys night out!



You have called around and all the boys have all confirmed that tonight is the night to PARTY!

So what do you think you need to make this night to remember?

Well first if your single, your going to hope that tonight is the night that your  going to meet miss perfect! So shower, shave and get that after shave out.

You need to smell right, thats one thing women love.

Smelling nice, dressing well, shoes polished and of course correctly fitting clothes are a must. Drop the baggy sweats and ripped jeans.

Women want to meet a man not boy so pay attention to your attire guy! Beauty is in the details, remember that! Well thats what all the ladies tell me… :)

So the meeting point is confirmed, your dressed to the nines and you have the company of your best friends ready to party the night away.

One thing missing is transport but what do you do? There is probably going to be about 6 to 8 of you. Are you all going to pile into public transport and be at the mercy of a train, bus, tube or a 4 seater taxi?  HELL NO!

Where ever you go you want to arrive in style and there is no better feeling then arriving at your chosen party spot then being delivered in a luxurious trendy stretch limousine.

But what do you drink while your being ferried around in style?

Well there is a great stout from a Canadian brewery called Walker Ville Brew. They offer a Milk stout that is light and sweet on the tastes buds which then leads to a soothing deep chocolate after taste. Its a rich full bodied stout that is great no matter where you are.

But do you want to be drinking that while your being silly with your friends in the back of a limo or would you prefer something more fitting for the stylish environment that you find yourself in.?

Most people always opt for a glass of champagne or a long drink in the back of a limo but its really up to you and what you fancy! If your going to party like a A-lister then it has to be a glass of Bollinger, just like Mr James Bond himself.

So where do you go? Bar? Club? Restaurant? Well if there is a load of you then your going to find it hard to try and get into one establishment as a big group… so 2 by 2 please… LOL

If your partying in London and your being ferried around by a limousine service then you will need to act in the classy manner that you find yourself in.

Well dressed, being driven around in a limo in the party capital of the world which is the beloved capital city of England – London! You truly are going to show yourself to be the stars that you are. But remember one thing, drink responsibly and be the true gents that you are. I mean no women is going to entertain a bunch of scraggly dressed, drunk, loud louts!

So if your on the pull… do it like James Bond and partying in London is going to be a true pleasure! Book Now. Check it out this amazing A1 limousine service here.

Welcome To My New Blog

Well hello there…. In my new blog i am going to be discussing what is the perfect combination to kick back and relax and have a great time.